Gastronomy Concepts

Gastronomy in general and also top gastronomy will change a lot in the coming years and will evolve in the process. This is not least due to the effects of the Corona pandemic, the tense personnel situation and high cost pressure. New visions, the creation of new trends and the satisfaction of the increasing demand for healthy and natural food are imperative.


Simply rethink!

Since the closure of la vie in Osnabrück, I have been working on successful restaurant concepts for various partners. Together with my partners we can cover all facets of successful planning: Idea, philosophy, design and architecture, kitchen planning, staff acquisition and staff training are all part of my services. You can rely on my know-how, as well as in the search for operators, investors and unusual locations. In all planning, the economic viability and feasibility of the concept is, of course, paramount.

Hotel in the heart of Mallorca

• concept

• Hotel philosophy

• Kitchen planning

• F&B planning

• Staff Acquisition

• Staff training

The restaurant is located in a separate part of the hotel complex on the island of Mallorca in Spain with various suites and villas.

Restaurant and beer garden (excursion restaurant)

• Concept & Idea
• philosophy
• Architecture and planning
• Investor talks
• Finding a tenant/operator

The inn with beer garden is located at the gates of the city of peace Osnabrück, not far from my home. The connection with my homeland and the regional culinary products are an important part of the planning. The goal is to create an attractive place for the whole family that attracts and inspires guests every day of the week.

Dim Sum Sharing

• Idea, concept
• Feasibility
• Location search
• Architecture and design
• P&L, Budget
• HR

Dim Sum Sharing offers traditional specialities of Chinese cuisine, which enjoy a high popularity in China. The small dim sum dishes are usually served steamed or deep-fried for breakfast or lunch. 

Hospital Restaurant “Clara Schumann” Leipzig

Concept and planning for a modern restaurant instead of a dreary canteen for staff, patients and visitors of the hospital in Leipzig. The special feature is that it serves the different demands of the guests through sophisticated zoning, invites them to linger and at the same time enables a quick 

“grab & go”. Great importance was attached to the flexible separation of the individual areas and the associated adaptation of business operations to visitor frequency. The planning was also geared towards achieving energy-saving goals.