Tasmanian pepper

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Culinary journeys to the end of the world are possible with Tasmanian Mountain Pepper in seconds … The rainforests of the Tasmanian Highlands, with its cool gorges, provide a unique climate and perfect growth conditions for this Australian mountain pepper. Botanically speaking, this pepper is not a “real pepper”, but the fruit of an evergreen Australian shrub.

Fully matured, the black berries are harvested and dried carefully. No other “pepper” has such a flavor spectrum: at the beginning, the Tasmanian pepper tastes slightly sweetish and floral with a note of cassis, followed by a complex spice, which is somewhat reminiscent of juniper and concludes with an intense “spicy finish”

Do not heat too long! Otherwise the fantastic aroma will be lost!

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slightly sweetish and floral, very intense

For use in/with

Desserts, game, sauces & marinades, blue white fish, vegetables, legumes, lamb


20 g: Spice jar with lid
40 g: Cardboard box with aroma-proof bag


20 g: diameter 60 mm, height 55 mm
40 g: height 140 mm, width 70 mm, depth 35 mm