Pasta e Basta

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My favorite spicy

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A lunch with pasta e basta is ready faster than any frozen pizza!

The Italian spice mixture “pasta e basta” is probably the most used mixture in our factory – you don’t need more for pasta luck or for a quick and fine lunch. Italian classics such as basil, garlic and paprika are complemented by a little chili, onion, pepper and parsley.
Even a noodle or lentil salad would be happy about the addition of pasta e basta.

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savory spicy

For use in/with

heat pasta e basta with olive oil in a frying pan, add freshly cooked pasta, stir, salt and enjoy – possibly refine it with some parmesan cheese…also suitable for the tomato sauce of a lasagne!


Spice preparation: parsley, onion, paprika, chili, basil, garlic, pepper


25 g: Spice jar with lid
45 g: Cardboard box with aroma-proof bag


25 g: diameter 60 mm, height 75 mm
45 g: height 140 mm, width 70 mm, depth 35 mm