Flower and vegetable salt

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My favorite salt

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… imagine, you go with a light breeze through a lovingly landscaped cottage garden … crunchy vegetables, spicy herbs, magnificent flowers – the air smells spicy and fresh – you cut off a slice of fine bread – with crispy crust and wonderful scent … on it a little good butter and a big pinch of Thomas Bühner’s favorite salt … now close your eyes and just taste …

Mmmhhh, you see – it works and is so easy 🙂 All this in a small glass with flower and vegetable salt. Colorful flowers, spicy herbs and pure rock salt * – all harmoniously matched and well mixed results in my favorite salt.

… also very delicious on a salad, a soup or fried potatoes or for seasoning meat or fish.

The salt is obtained by boiling processes. It is processed Luisenhaller Tiefensalz from the last Pfannensiederei in Europe. The salt is 250 million years old – from a withered primeval sea. The big advantage: There is nothing  of today’s pollution present and the salt is left completely natural after the boiling process! So no addition of e. g. iodine.

Additional information


intense, spicy and salty

For use in/with

bread and dripping, butter, fish, meat, salads


Seasoning salt: salt 57%, onion, parsley, pepper, paprika, leek, basil, garlic, cornflowers, marigolds


50 g: spice jar with lid
80 g: cardboard box with aroma-proof bag


50 g: diameter 60 mm, height 75 mm
80 g: height 140 mm, width 70 mm, depth 35 mm