Danish smoked salt

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Danish smoked salt is a high-quality sea salt from the Dead Sea. After harvesting, this sea salt is transported to Denmark where it is smoked cold over beech wood shavings for a week, according to an old tradition. During smoking, the salt is turned regularly.

This very complex and gentle process gives it a significantly lighter color than the commercial Viking salt. The beautiful brown, warm color and the aromatic smoky taste are created by this process. Even the Vikings smoked their salt for a very specific Nordic-rough note …

Tip: Wonderful, to give dishes a depth of taste. With only a few grains e. g. with dark sauces and goulash.

Additional information


salty, aromatic smoky and nordic tart

For use in/with

BBQ sauces and marinades, fried potatoes, for soups and hearty stews


80 g: spice jar with lid
160 g: cardboard box with aroma-proof bag


80 g: diameter 60 mm, height 55 mm
160 g: height 140 mm, width 70 mm, depth 35 mm