(Not) an immoral offer

As always in my life, I value the best, natural, healthy ingredients that we order and have delivered at the Osnabrück market during this time. We often order what we don’t get there online and have it sent to us contactless. This includes, among other things, all products from Pödör Premium Delikatessen.

In order to give you this possibility of contactless delivery of top quality food, I used my long-standing cooperation with the company Pödör Delikatessen to be able to make you a very special offer.

Pödör is a provider of oils, balsamicos, pestos, sauces, pasta and much more. Pödör produces only 100% natural products. The offer is very large. My wife and I love these products and like to use them in the daily kitchen because of their health benefits. These very special and unmixed oils are rich in essential, unsaturated and omega 3 fatty acids. They are rich in vitamins and strengthen your immune and cardiovascular systems. This is how you can reduce the risk of arteriosclerosis and heart attack. E.g. Milk thistle oil is a natural healing agent for the liver, has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Many of the oils are essential companions for vegans and vegetarians. Despite all the health benefits, they are also simply delicious.

Already in la vie times, we used these highly aromatic oils and balsamicos, which are among the best in the world, with pleasure and often. My insider tip for a simple dressing: 2 tablespoons of Pödör oil (whichever one), 1 tablespoon of Pödör vinegar or balsamic vinegar (e.g. raspberry, apple, beer or according to your wishes) with a little salt and possibly with a small amount of Pödör finest Honey mustard – the perfect dressing is ready.

For you I have coordinated a very special and in the truest sense of the word UNIQUE OFFER with the company Pödör Premium Delikatessen. You too can enjoy these fantastic products in the future and receive a Thomas Bühner Special *** discount. What you have to do for that? If you are a private individual, register here here as a club customer. You will automatically receive a 20% Thomas Bühner Special *** discount from the first purchase. If you are self-employed or an entrepreneur, then register here as a corporate customer and you will generally receive the favorable wholesale price plus 5% Thomas Bühner Special – *** discount.

and use the Thomas Bühner *** discount.

After registering, you will immediately see YOUR reduced *** prices in the Pödör web shop. You also have other advantages, such as free shipping, no minimum order quantity, free samples and much more.

By registering you do not enter into a purchase obligation. Discover the wonderful world of high quality delicacies.