White Pepper

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Name: Piper nigrum. Pepper at this stage of ripeness has undergone the most elaborate production process a peppercorn can undergo. After harvesting the ripe pepper berries, they are soaked in water for several days. The skin softens and is then removed by a mechanical process.

When the aromatic shell is removed, most of the aroma is lost – the pepperiness remains! Before the chili – thanks to Columbus and Co – came to Asia, the spiciness of dishes in Asian cuisine was produced exclusively by using white pepper.

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peppery spiceness

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Asian dishes, BBQ marinades, sauces, stew
Many chefs like to use white pepper in light sauces so that you don't see the "pepper crumbs" in them…but it's not about looks, it's about taste…please test it yourself – we think the aroma of white and black pepper are completely different.


40 g: Spice jar with lid
80 g: Cardboard box with aroma-proof bag


40 g: diameter 60 mm, height 55 mm
80 g: height 140 mm, width 70 mm, depth 35 mm