UPSIDE DOWN – 9x champagne beakers (in a wooden box)

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Champange with friends

Exceptionally elegant champagne „glass“ for the enjoyment of nine. Haptically unique, elegant and a wonderful hand flatterer with all the qualities of a champagne glass.

„At some point in every woman’s life comes when the only thing that helps
is a glass of champagne.“
Katherine Marlowe (Bette Davis) in the film “Old Aquaintances” in 1943

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These cylindrical porcelain tumblers were designed especially for champagne. Feel the sensation of the bubbles through the thin-walled tumbler.

Tilt the glass slightly when filling with champagne. The tumblers come in an exclusive wooden case for safe storage.

Hand-crafted by Studio Piet Stockmans in Genk (Belgium).

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9x champagne beakers


Ø4,5 H11 cm




in a wooden box

Design von

Widukind Stockmans