Set of 2 Thomas Bühner Starchef Steakknives

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The “Echizen Uchihamono” is designated as a Japanese traditional craft and has a history of over 700 years.

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Refined beauty created by pursuing improvement of the function

The “Echizen Uchihamono” is designated as a Japanese traditional craft and has a history of over 700 years. This steak knife is handcrafted by craftsmen using this “Echizen Uchihamono (forged blades)” technique and uses 70 multi-layer stainless steel. The highest level of Japanese craftsmanship and techniques are combined to create this knife, enabling you to slice any dish without ruining its presentation and breaking food fibres with the slightest force.

The SK03 is a knife designed to stand on a table; there is a small space between the blade and the table, keeping the blade hygienic.

The beautiful line of the back side of this knife enables you to improve finger fitness when holding it. There are many handle variations, which allows you to choose a colour that matches the style of your table setting. We hope that our steak knife, with exceptional cutting ability, will be the perfect partner and bring out the best of your cuisine.

*The Ryusen-Lin pattern is a distinctive technique passed down through the ages by Ryusen Hamono craftsmen.

Additional information

Color Alumite Handle

The vivid and beautiful handle has a surface made of aluminum that goes through the alumite process, improving the handle’s corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance. We have succeeded in creating a functional handle which has excellent processability and does not easily scratch. It is dishwasher safe and can be used in a hygienic condition.

Ryusen-Lin Blade

Beautiful ripple patterns on the blade represent special skills. 70 multi-layers of soft and hard steel called “Damascus Steel” are forged and the surface is polished completely. This delicately structured 200 micrometre pattern of bumps all the way to the edge of the blade allows for extreme sharpness. It makes this steak knife much sharper than any ordinary steak knife with a serrated edge.

Samurai Edge Style

“Nihonto (Japanese for ‘straight sword’)”, which were used before the Nara period, and “Wakizashi (Japanese for ‘short sword’)”, which were used in the early Edo period, are made in this style, “Katakirihazukuri”. It is a traditional method of making swords, where one surface is flat and the other surface has a sharp edge. We launched the “Samurai Edge Project” in spring 2011 in order to produce a functional blade based on this method. We finally developed a new steak knife with a straight sword edge, ideal for smooth cutting, and a tough blade. The Samurai Edge Style knife is also very attractive.


Stylish Pink, Coral Red, Sparking Orange, Lemon Yellow, Leaf Green, Sapphire Blue, Marron Brown, Urban Black, Noble Silver, Champagne Gold, Curly Maple, Cocobolo, Ebony