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Impressively beautiful: LaBoccia
The knife block made of solid wood. For cooking fans and friends of good taste.

LaBoccia is different. It dispenses with corners and edges. This has nothing to do with the usual look of a knife block. The shape is clearly more charming: spherical and robust, the unique piece attracts attention. LaBoccia is the star among the knife blocks

Made from the finest solid wood, it delights master chefs and everyone who wants to become one. Because LaBoccia keeps everything important at hand in the kitchen. From above, from the side, simply all around. This spherical eye-catcher cuts a good figure even after eating!

With LaBoccia you treat yourself to an extremely attractive accessory that you can enjoy for a long time. This is ensured by the careful selection of solid wood and its exact processing as well as the intensive surface finish with natural care oils from Hesse Lignal.

Knife block made of solid wood. The facts.
With its food-safe oiled surface, LaBoccia finds a firm hold on the specially made wooden bowl. The knife block made of glued solid wood in naturally varying color shades and its natural small knots are fascinating.

LaBoccia special sizes – tailored to your knife lengths.
Do you want the knife block to be designed according to individual dimensions? We love to do that! Just let us know what dimensions you want. Ideally in writing so that everything runs correctly. Then we manufacture LaBoccia so that it fits your knife collection exactly.

Recommendations for cleaning and care:
Our high-quality, unique pieces made of solid wood are not dishwasher-safe. For cleaning, please use a damp cloth and a commercially available cleaner. Olive oil is suitable for the care of the dried surface, which is applied very thinly from time to time with a cotton cloth and incorporated without residue.

Special feature of the knife block in oak
In the case of oak wood, in connection with iron and moisture, oxidation can occur, which causes blue-black discoloration. The reason for this is the high proportion of tannic acid in the wood, which makes it particularly hard and durable. Stains created in this way are not grounds for complaint.

Important NOTES:
The unique pieces are natural products and may show slight changes in shape or subtle cracks over time. Neither aspect affects the durability, nor is it a cause for complaint.

Additional information


approx. 275 mm; flattened on one side with rubber magnets


for 6 knife slots and 1 sharpening steel

knife slot dimensions

three slots in approx. 3 x 35 x 210 mm *
three slots in approx. 3.5 x 50 x 250 mm *

* width x height x depth