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Quite weird: Lei and Lui.
The cutting boards with a diagonal wooden vein. For friends of sophisticated design.

Lei and Lui are not only beautiful, but also very weird. This is emphasized by the diagonal wooden veins, perhaps better known as the grain of the wood. But that’s not all, these sophisticated cutting boards have an inclined plane. The effect: liquids slide directly into the two longitudinal and transverse juice grooves, while you cut your ingredients undisturbed for cooking or roasting.

With Lei and Lui, treat yourself to an attractive accessory in your kitchen that you and your high-quality knife sets will enjoy for a long time. This is ensured by the careful selection of solid wood and its exact processing as well as the intensive surface finish with natural care oils from Hesse Lignal.

Solid wood cutting board. The facts.
The cutting boards from Cm Unikate, all made in Germany, are available in maple, oak and walnut. Suitable for the colleague LaBoccia, the massive knife block. Just like LaBoccia, Lei and Lui have food-safe oiled surfaces.

Made of perfectly glued solid wood, depending on the type of wood, they come in naturally varying shades of color. The natural, solid knots include the robust character of these unique pieces.

Recommendations for cleaning and care:
Our high-quality, unique pieces made of solid wood are not dishwasher-safe. Please use damp cloths and detergent to clean the cutting boards.

Special feature of the cutting board in oak:
In the case of oak wood, in connection with iron and moisture, oxidation can occur, which causes blue-black discoloration. The reason for this is the high proportion of tannic acid in the wood, which makes it particularly hard and durable. Stains created in this way are not grounds for complaint.

Never soak cutting boards or forget them in the sink! Too much moisture can lead to deformation and open the glue joints.

Important NOTE:
The cutting boards are natural products that can show slight changes in shape or subtle cracks over time. This is due to the individual swelling and shrinkage behavior of the different types of wood. This means that small unevenness in the surface and in the edge area on the wood edging are natural and unavoidable. These aspects do not affect durability, nor do they constitute grounds for complaint.

Additional information


approx. 500 mm


approx. 350 mm

wood thickness

approx. 30 mm

types of wood

oak, walnut, maple


juice groove on each of the long and short sides of the decorative fold on the underside

special function

4-5 mm diagonal slope from top left to bottom right


edges chamfered on all sides
Wood glue in at a 45° angle at the top left


with natural tree edge

delivery time

14 days