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A very intense spice, with a very exciting history! The original home of the evergreen clove tree was the Moluccas – a group of islands in Indonesia.

These islands were conquered by the Portuguese and Dutch, until finally some seedlings could be smuggled to Mauritius…
Today most carnations come from Zanzibar and Madagascar. You can find cloves in many spice mixtures such as mother earth, Chinese 5 spice, ras el hanout, mulled wine spice, diabolo sugar.

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very intense and strongly aromatic, slightly sweetish smell with a burning taste

For use in/with

for marinades and sauces, sausage and meat dishes, gingerbread, red cabbage, punch, Christmas cookies, curry, chutneys, stews, apple compote, vegetable dishes.
Cloves are often used in the kitchen for seasoning marinades, sauces, sausages, meat and fish dishes and cloves are known for their use in seasoning gingerbread or red cabbage. When cloves are used for punch, soups or stock, cloves are added to the ingredients as a whole and removed at the end of the cooking time. When ground, cloves are often found in Christmas cookies or curry.


25 g: Spice jar with lid


diameter 60 mm, height 55 mm