Bruschetta al Pomodoro

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There will hardly be anyone who does not know this classic “bruschetta al pomodoro”! Sometimes a nice, crispy, still warm bread with this delicious mixture of tomato, good olive oil and herbs is enough. “bruschetta al pomodoro” is a good start to a fine menu and guarantees a pleasurable start if no good, fresh tomatoes are available!

Important: we deliberately do NOT use freeze-dried tomato flakes, which, when mixed, make a rather toothpaste-like mixture – our tomatoes remain crunchy and fresh (even the next day, if there is anything left over). We also recommend to mix it with olive oil – not with water! In our opinion this has nothing to do with a bruschetta mixture!

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tomatolike, fruity and herbaceous

For use in/with

Toast slices of bread over the grill or in a toaster. Mix 1 tablespoon bruschetta al pomodoro with 2 tablespoons of olive oil, salt and spread on the still warm bread slices. For salad dressings, mix "bruschetta al pomodoro" with vinegar & oil and let it "soak" briefly.


Spice preparation: tomato, paprika, basil, onion, garlic, leek, marjoram


50 g: Spice jar with lid
80 g: Cardboard box with aroma-proof bag


50 g: diameter 60 mm, height 75 mm
80 g: height 140 mm, width 70 mm, depth 35 mm