Dear friends,

these are extraordinary and worrying times for all of us. Times when we have to give up or change dear habits. Times when we all still don't know where this all ends and how long this virus will endanger us and limits our activities.

After over 30 years in top gastronomy, I suffer with many of my friends and colleagues worldwide. Moments that you would hardly have otherwise noticed suddenly take on a whole new and important meaning. It is and remains important that we keep a sense of the special, even in these times and create special moments for ourselves. E.g. little breaks that are good for us. This is certainly one of the reasons for being together at the table for meals with a varied, healthy diet. Right now it's the beautiful things in life that we have to keep.

I gradually publish small healthy recipes on my Instagram channel that you can simply cook yourselves. Thankfully my wife films this with a steady hand. We do stay at home if possible.

At this point I would also like to recommend you a good, special cup of coffee. „Difference Coffee by Amir Gehl“. Amir, a good friend of mine, buys, processes and sells some of the best coffee in the world. Take a look, you will be thrilled. Amir grants you a 10% discount when you order with the code "thomasbuehner".

As a start, I recommend the Hawaii Kona Champion, the Jamaica Blue Mountain for a special experience, and the Panama Geisha for unforgettable enjoyment.

I have added an outstanding kitchen thermometer to my shop so that you can successfully prepare meat or baked goods at home or when grilling. Read here why this thermometer is so unique.

Let's stay in touch

Best wishes, Thomas

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