Dear Friends,

Following an initially relaxing start to the year 2019, I have made use of my new-found freedom (rather than free time) to plan my future and to clarify what I might enjoy doing in the future.


I was delighted about the incredible response to my question concerning accompanying travel groups. I am currently putting the finishing touches to a number of travel destinations, which will enable me to offer you a truly well-rounded programme. What has already been decided is that I will be able to accompany a group of gourmets to Hong Kong from 22 to 27 October 2019.

The culinary programme items are:

It goes without saying that we will also have the chance to visit other restaurants and delicious street food stalls. We can then go shopping together at the food market, and eat at the „Tim Ho Wan“ (star-studded dim sum).

My expert tip: our visit to one of Hong Kong’s hottest bars, the „OZONE Bar“ at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel. Adopting the motto “end your evening on top of the world”, we will enjoy the breath-taking views of one of the world’s most dazzling mega-cities.

We can also visit „Sha Tin“ or the „Happy Valley Racecourse“ together. Horse races run by the Hong Kong Jockey Club are always stunning events, whether at night or during the day.


Details about the trip:

Economy flight Frankfurt – Hong Kong – Frankfurt (Business or first class upgrades are, of course, possible at extra cost, as well as connecting flights from other airports to and from Frankfurt.)

5 overnight stays with breakfast in the “New World Millennium” in rooms commanding a view over the city.

Airport transfers and a shuttle service to the restaurants.

3 visits to restaurants, namely the Michelin-starred restaurants named above, including extensive menus, water and coffee.

The trip will be accompanied and presented by Hannes Buchner and myself.

Price: €4550 per person sharing a double room or €4790 per person in a single room (prices include statutory VAT).

Wines, accompanying wines, alcohol drinks and expenses for the supplementary programme (shopping, costs for lunch, etc.) will be settled separately or can be paid individually on-site.

There is a choice of the following hotels

Simply visit my online shop to find out more, or to pay a deposit for the trip. My office will then organise everything else for you.


Difference Coffee

During a trip to London, I became acquainted with Amir Gehl. Amir runs a company that demonstrably distributes the best and rarest coffees in the world. He’s crazy about quality, in the best sense of the term. The distinguishing feature: his specialties are available in whole bean form and as capsules for Nespresso machines. Why not taste the difference? A truly exceptional coffee! If you would like to purchase anything from the Difference Coffee Shop you can get a 10% discount by stating the voucher code „thomasbuehner“. Read the article from „The CEO Magazine“ here.


Shop - catch of the day

In my online shop, you have the opportunity to purchase a strictly limited edition of the Ryusen knife “Petty” 105mm. I can offer this Damascus knife with walnut handle to no more than six ambitious amateur chefs. We have put together a package (with bib apron) for the upcoming barbecue season. Take a look and get ready!

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